I have a degree in Visual Communication.
I work as director, art director, motion and graphic designer.
Worked as designer in several design offices and in relevant projects in Brazilian cultural scene. I was one of the designers invited to participate in the collective installation “The Conical World”, conceived by the French artist Matali Crasset, at the International Design Panorama 2005.
I had works exhibited in NY and Holland, such as in international publications by Editora Taschen.
After a season in Berlin, I got closer to the audiovisual universe, working as a motion designer at Globo, the largest television company in Brazil. I currently work as art and creative director, creating and leading communication projects related to entertainment for Globo channels, such as openings titles, graphic packages and product launch campaigns.
I’m very connected with emerging social issues and always seeking to add an empathetic layer to the projects I’m envolved in, trying to be myself an agent of transformation for the co-creation of a more equal world. 
From this connection between art and activism, emerges Coletivo Projetação, which makes many light projections in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, bringing free political content to the people, using urban equipment as support.
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